Dec. 22nd, 2009 03:29 pm
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Ahh, Christmas is so soon...I'll have to post the Christmas comic oh god, oh god.

OCs. Blond is Captain, Slinki is the blue-haired lady and then there's uh...their maid who I haven't named. They have a long-winded story which i will explain....NOW. feel free to skip hahaha
Okay, so Captain inherits a space ship from a rich uncle or something, so he decides to go space adventuring. He sees this as a great opportunity to flirt with Slinki, who has always wanted to go on a space adventure or something. So he's all HEY BABY LET'S GO SEE THE UNIVERSE TOGETHER~~~ and they do that. Then they get out there and it turns out Slinki is gay, oops. He stops liking her because she doesn't want to shag him, she stops liking him because he brought her all this way just for a shag. BUT THEY'RE STUCK TOGETHER NOW HAHAHA OOOPS
so then they're stuck in this spaceship with nobody to do the cleaning and they're poor, so they find some alien kid who'll work for cheap to feed her starving family back home and have her be their maid, pretending she's their adopted daughter as a cover for having an underaged, barely paid worker aboard.

sigggghhhh i keep wanting to doodle while i'm working on this year's christmas comic, i'm such a slacker. HERE'S ONE OF THE RESULTS, I GUESS. why did i colour this.

i kinda like doodling this way, i should do it more often. also oh god america is scary

america may have powers of intimidation, but england can eat the leaves from the tops of the tallest trees! TAKE THAT

also tried out colouring him.

anyone familiar with the hetalia fandom may know that those guys seem to make any distinguishing feature about a character an erogenous zone. so i was trying to apply that to other fandoms here, it doesn't...doesn't work very well... though i don't think it works very well in hetalia in the first place.

i was practicing different body angles in the top half. bottom half...n-no comment.

SUDDENLY, THICKER LINES. actually looking up ref pics of characters is for losers.

Little sneaky peek at this year's Christmas comic...! Hopefully it'll be better than last year's. This year: Hetalia, Professor Layton, Hotel Dusk, Larry Butz Ace Attorney.
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